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Synthetic grass lawn & Pet turf

Synthetic grass  lawn turf from LA Turf Co are a wonderful allergy-free option for high-traffic, high-use areas that require little care and water conservation. Our synthetic turf solutions are also far safer for youngsters, athletes, and even dogs than typical grass installations due of the surface’s consistency and predictability, as well as the possibility to incorporate cushioned padding beneath the surface.

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highest-quality, kid and Pet safe Artificial grass materials

Our artificial grass not only looks fantastic all year, but it also makes lawn upkeep much easier, saving you time and money! You’ll be able to sit back, relax, and focus on the things that really matter with synthetic turf landscaping. Artificial grass does not require mowing, watering, or fertilization to maintain its appearance, so you’ll save money on landscaping and water bills.

eliminate all of the problems that come with natural grass

Easily clean and refresh your yard

Synthetic grass installations by LA Turf Co can eliminate all of the problems that come with natural grass. No more muddy or dry spots, costly and time-consuming upkeep, or high water bills… Plus, we use a special backing that allows water to freely flow through the turf, reducing pooling and substantially lowering pet odors when it rains. To clean and refresh the yard, all that is required is to pick up any rubbish and thoroughly hose it down.

Your lawn will come back to life and appear brand new. Artificial grass from LA Turf is far more durable than natural grass turf. Even a heavily used community sports field, as well as a backyard with large dogs, may endure daily use. Our ultra-durable pet turf will withstand a dog’s claws far better than genuine grass, and ordinary wear and tear will not cause the fake grass to die or be damaged. Running, playing, jumping, or lying in one place for long periods of time can be extremely damaging to natural grass. Our fake grass is designed to withstand the abuse of children, pets, and athletes.